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10 bags to amp your work outfit up without breaking the bank

These are bags that’ll make you look like a million bucks without costing well, a million bucks

Photo: Showbit

The next two events that we’re going to describe might have happened to you at separate points in your life or if you’re unfortunate, simultaneously: 1) You spot the season’s designer bag in a store window and feel the itch before you realise that you are a responsible adult with bills to pay, or 2) The trusty free canvas tote you’ve been toting since your first day at work is falling apart and it’s time you get serious. But if you’re not willing to drop what might seem like a two-to-three months paycheck on a designer bag, pat yourself on the back for being prudent and then click on for 10 bags that look like they’re worth four-digits but will probably set you back in the low-threes.


1. Plastic top handle clutch bag, $89.90, Topshop

With its tortoiseshell acrylic body, ‘50s clasp opening and metal handle, we won’t blame anybody who might think that you’ve unearthed this gem from a vintage store in Europe. It’s vintage-without-having-vintage-impracticality, thanks to its longer body which thankfully, fits most of what we carry out today.


2. Leather bucket bag, $139, Zara

The easiest way to fake a “designer look” is to simply make sure the bags you buy are free of logos but instead, have “designer looking” design elements to them like this one: A mix of suede and leather, knotted handles and a slouchy bucket shape. Fold it in half and carry it like a clutch for an even higher end look.


3. Straw bag, $74.95, H&M

We don’t know who first discovered the iconic circular or box wicker bags from Bali and unleashed them onto the world but if you have developed a fatigue for them, consider this one that looks like you’ve picked it up from an artisanal store in Paris instead. It’s the classic french market basket shape that has supple leather handles — giving it a designer touch.


4. Net crossbody bag, $89.90, Mango

It’s ridiculously cute (which is to say it’s tiny and…probably only fits a lipstick and card case), it looks like it was hand weaved by a bunch of Italian folks, and you can wear it as a bum bag or cross bodied: this little bag is definitely bang for your buck. PS: The interior pouch can also be removed.


5. Faux fur shopping bag, $99.90, Dorothy Perkins

There are different nicknames you can give to the furry bag: the Sesame Street bag, the furries, or the makeshift-pillow just to name a few. Beyond that, if you look beyond its utilitarian purpose (no one’s going to diss how useful a tote is) and look instead at how designers styled it, you’re going to want it fold it in half and carry it like a clutch instead to instantly make it look more expensive.