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Mango wants you to know that personality is the most powerful

In the whirlwind of keeping up with the latest trends, we sometimes forget that the most compelling tool we have is our personality

Photos: Mango 

Digital fatigue is real. In a bid to become the biggest and boldest, we often find ourselves tangled in a web of trends, many of which we might not even be able to relate to. Mango’s #BEanICON campaign launch is thus a timely one – a gentle reminder that personality is the best trend when dressing up.

Collaborating with six personalities – each with a distinct style – from the worlds of fashion and culture, Mango showcased the talents in their “world” decked in its F/W ’19 collection.

The intimate yet spirited photographs, captured through the lens of American photographer Dan Martensen, had three goals: 1) to demonstrate Mango’s desire to work closely with the community, 2) to illustrate the limitless nature of one’s personal style and, 3) to encourage people to develop their own style with their threads. 

Here’s what you need to know about the six inspiring personalities fronting Mango’s #BEanICON campaign. 

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