Meghan Markle is a stylish royal and here are 10 reasons why

She might have married your childhood crush, but you can’t deny that the Duchess of Sussex has great style

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When Rachel Zane first popped up on Suits (urh, ICYMI, that’s Meghan Markle’s character), it was hard to not admire how bad-ass she was (seriously, there are tonnes of videos on Youtube of her taking down her opponents in court) and how stylish she was – the perfectly tailored blazers, the delicate gold jewellery, the pencil skirt that hit just above her knees, and the way she pulled off neutrals (with the customary coffee cup in hand of course).

Fast forward a few years later and suddenly, she’s the sweetheart of the British royalty family and what better way to commemorate her birthday on Aug 4 than the 10 ways that has proven she’s one seriously stylish royal. For other reasons, simply go to World Vision – this is a Duchess with a big heart.


1. She keeps her jewellery classy.


Final update on Meghan’s new ring and the update to her engagement ring. Please, no negative comments or I will have you blocked which I hate doing. I simply like to keep my followers informed and love sharing little tid bits of information I find. After weeks of speculation about a new diamond on Meghan’s wedding finger, we have found out that Harry helped create the piece with renowned jeweler Lorraine Schwartz as a gift to mark the couple’s wedding anniversary—and their growing family. While creating the bespoke conflict-free diamond eternity band, Harry paid tribute by having Schwartz add birthstones for Meghan, Archie, and himself on the underside of the delicate piece. “Meghan was touched,” a source says of the May 19 anniversary surprise, which features a flawless green emerald for Archie, a blue sapphire for Harry, and an olive-green peridot stone for the duchess. “A lot of thought went into it," the source reveals. Each birthstone is said to have its own meaning and significance, with sapphires believed to protect those close to you from harm, peridots said to instill power in the wearer, and emeralds considered a symbol of rebirth and love. While working closely with the famous New York-based jeweler, the prince also took the opportunity to have Meghan’s engagement ring—which features two stones that once belonged to Princess Diana—resized and reset with a new delicate diamond band.

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In today’s world where the motto is to pile on as many accessories as possible for the ‘gram, Meghan’s take on jewellery is pleasingly simple – her engagement ring stacked lovingly on her wedding ring. For those of us #singleladies, we should be following this rule too: Two rings maximum for you to truly make a statement.


2. Her simple dress solution.

It’s cut a little loose on the body which makes it very forgiving (pre-brunch or post-brunch. Now throw in a buffet), it comes in a flattering shade of blue, and it actually has pockets. We don’t know what Meghan was laughing about here in this photo but we’re pretty sure she’s pleased she was wearing this summery dress on what seemed like an equally summery day.


3. Her easiest way to elevate.


One year ago today!

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When you’re tasked to “fancify” a dress because of your evening plans or because Susan from HR has lodged a complaint, you don’t need to whip out your jewellery or swap out your shoes (unless you’re urh, wearing slippers). Just follow what Meghan does: cinch your waist in with a contrasting colour belt. Simple. Bonus: The Queen’s lime green outfit has sparked many a meme. Seriously, google it.


4. She does love her neutrals.

Yeah we’d be happy too if we were married to Prince Harry but if there’s one way to emulate Meghan’s life, it’ll be to don on an off-white coat that’s an outerwear game changer – it’s not as stark as black, common as brown or as clinical as white. It’s in the perfect shade of off-white that softens what you’re wearing underneath. Just stay clear from any sauces.


5. She keeps her makeup natural.


Love her natural makeup look!!

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We don’t know what beauty youtubers have been telling you but that contour + eyelid cut crease + severe highlighted look shouldn’t be your everyday routine (no judgement if it is though) because Meghan proves that wearing a light foundation that allows your natural skin to show through is the latest #stylestatement and looks best paired with subtle smokey eyes.