Sure, the durian is a fruit that’s definitely a hit-or-miss with most people. There are those who simply cannot bear its overwhelming, pungent scent, while there others who are head-over-heels in love with its deep, complex flavour profile and creamy texture.

But since you’ve ventured onto this list of great durian stalls in Singapore, we reckon that you’re part of the latter.

As any durian enthusiast would know, the most important part of enjoying a durian is scoring a high-quality fruit that hits all the right spots — rich, creamy, slightly sweet, slightly bitter…we’re salivating already. And that is no easy feat – after all, the flesh of the King of Fruits is hidden under a thick and spiky husk, and there are sellers who may be less than honest about the quality and quantity of their goods. Wondering where you’d be able to get a sure-shiok durian?

Below, we’ve rounded up nine such places that durian lovers would enjoy frequenting.


1. Durian Kaki

Photo: Durian Kaki Website

As one of the newest entries into the Singapore durian scene, Durian Kaki is no regular durian stall. In fact, customers can opt for their durian orders to be delivered straight to their doorstep or even catered to an event.

For first-timers to the store, we’d recommend trying the Standard Mao Shan Wang Pack ($48 for 750g), while the Premium MSW Pack ($68 for 750g) – freshly selected from Pahang Highland, is a hearty choice for durian enthusiasts.

Psst, they also have Mao Shan Wang pastries and a panna cotta.

Where: Junction 9, 18 Yishun Ave 9 #01-83, Singapore 768892. More info at


2. 99 Old Trees (99老树)

Image: 99 Old Trees Facebook

Looking to host an office durian party or one with your friends and family? You might want to make a reservation with 99 Old Trees, since it can get all that organised for you. It’s known for its mouthwatering selection of durians, which includes D13 ($11 per 1kg), Pahang Mao Shan Wang ($21 per 1kg) and XO D24 ($11 per 1kg) amongst others.

Also available here are packages of Pure Durian Pulp (starts from $50) that are perfect for crafting your own durian desserts and dishes at home, as well as fragrant MSW Swiss Rolls (starts from $25) which would make a wonderful breakfast or teatime snack.

Psst, they are having omakase-style sessions that are aptly named SukaWa (meaning ‘as it pleases me’). There will be a custom-built durian ‘bar’ where its durian connoisseurs will present six variants of durian ranging from the popular Mao Shan Wang to the lesser known Black Thorn. Enjoy unlimited portions of Mao Shan Wang and D24 Sultan durian as well as its house-made durian desserts such as the Durian Mousse, and the addictive Durian Choux. The session will last approximately 45 minutes to one hour.

The first round of sessions are fully booked but you can register for the next round of sessions which are from July 30 to Aug 15, and will cost $60 per pax. It will run every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, at 4pm, and only eight seats are available per session. To register, head to its website, find the slot you want, add to cart and pay.

Where: Blk 46 Owen Rd, #01-277, Singapore 210046. More info at


3. Durian Delivery Singapore

Photo: Durian Delivery Singapore Facebook

Why queue when you can have the comfort and convenience of having durian sent to your home via same-day delivery?

In this digital age, Durian Delivery definitely stands out from the crowd, thanks to its critically reviewed durian selection and year-round affordable prices.

For example, Old Tree MSW Durian is only $32.20 for 400g, while the Red Prawn variety goes for $16.20 for 400g. T

he best part? There’s no minimum order, and if you’re hoping to get your hands on that durian ASAP, this site even offers 90-minute delivery for an extra fee.

More info at


4. Mao Shan Wang


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Photo: Instagram / @maoshanwangasia 

Do you love durians so ardently that having them on their own isn’t quite enough? You may want to make a trip (or two!) to Mao Shan Wang, Singapore’s first durian speciality cafe.

Made from fresh durians delivered daily from the hilltops of Raub Pahang, Malaysia, this aptly named cafe serves up both sweet and savoury creations.

Those with a sweet tooth will love the exquisitely cool Mao Shan Wang Mochi ($9.80 for four) or Durian Napoleon ($8.80), while more adventurous customers may seek to try the Durian Charcoal Pizza ($23.80) and Chicken Nuggets with Durian Sauce ($6.80 for eight nuggets).


Where: 49 Temple Street, Singapore 058594. More info at


5. Combat Durian

Image: 99 Old Trees Facebook

Nicknamed the ‘Best Durian Stall in Singapore’, most durian lovers would have heard of Combat Durian. After all, it seems like it always manages to amass long queues every durian season.

Popular for its stellar customer service and the freshness of its durians, customers can take home its delicious durians (which are packed and vacuum sealed into plastic containers) or choose to consume their order on the spot, where a seating area, mineral water and even tissues are provided by the stall owners.

Durians here start from only $10 per kg, so it’s a great option for those on a budget.

But make sure to be strategic in timing your visit (durians usually arrive at 3pm and 6pm), as the popular stall does not take reservations.

Where: 249 Balestier Road, Singapore 329727. More info at