5 fashion apps all stylish people should download now

These amazing fashion apps are game changers that will save you plenty of time and effort but get you the most covetable pieces with just a tap of your finger

We live in a technology obsessed world where our smartphones are constantly glued to our hands. From calorie counting apps to cab grabbing services, it’s undeniable that we rely heavily on mobile devices for almost everything.

While debates have been going on as to whether this mobile dependance is healthy (that is a story for another day), I will unabashedly admit that I am a proud victim. These fashion applications make it so glamorously convenient. I am able to get a complete sartorial experience with just a few taps of my fingers.

I have rounded up 5 amazing mobile applications that are not only reinventing how you can shop, but at the same time making shopping a breeze for you.

Happy downloading!

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The Net Set 

#1 The Net Set

This recently launched app has been dubbed a social networking site for savvy shoppers. It aims to give you curated shopping news and style tips tailored to your preferences and personal style.

You can join or create a variety of ‘Style Tribes’ that you feel reflect your personal style best. You get style ideas from the members of the community who shares the same interests and also shopping suggestions from Net-A-Porter. What’s so useful about this is that even if a product isn’t available on Net-a-Porter, the app will use image recognition technology to find a visually similar item which may interest you.

You can also expect to be inspired by an exclusive and elite group comprising the most stylish and influential style icons in the world (read: Victoria Beckham and Nicole Warne) who will engage directly with you; it’s as if you guys are shopping together.


#2 Like to know it

If you follow fashion bloggers on Instagram, you’re probably familiar with this app. Until our cult-favorite photo app comes with added shopping functions, this app makes it easier to track down the covetable pieces we love on our favourite style stars. All you need to do is to sign up with your email, like a photo on Instagram that is embedded with a “” link in the caption, and voila! — you will receive a breakdown of the exact pieces contained within the image in your inbox, along with live product links to buy them.


#3 The Hunt

Here’s the situation: You fell in love with a particular outfit you saw on a certain celeb on TV, went on a mad dash across the internet trying to locate these amazing pieces, but to no avail.

This app prides itself as the “cure for outfit envy” because you can simply upload a photo of what you’re looking for and seek the help of 3.5 million users to locate the item. Most of them will provide you with a direct link to a website that you can purchase it from. If someone else’s post catches your eye, you can also follow the item to get updates on it.

Now this is what I call a supportive fashion community!

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Functions in Stylebook to keep your wardrobe organised.

#4 Stylebook

This app is life changing. I have been dreaming about this for years. I love planning my outfit for the next day before I sleep, while lying on my bed. But it’s hard for me to remember all the items I have in my closet. So I still end up standing in front of my wardrobe the next morning, pulling looks out literally.

With this app, all you need to do is to upload actual pictures of your clothes into the app, and you can virtually style outfits together on your phone whenever you want. There is a search tool where you can find items by color and style.

Apart from that, the app also has a bunch of other organisational functions. It allows you to create packing lists, plan outfits in advance and keep track of what you wore when. It's wardrobe organisation at its best.


#5 The Edit

This app is really creative and cute, but terribly detrimental for your wallet. Ever had one of those days where you are just itching to blow some money on something, but have completely no idea of what you want to buy? Well, this app will solve that problem.

Modelled after the popular dating app, Tinder, The Edit allows you to swipe left or right, for products you like and dislike respectively. It grabs over 10,000 items from your favourite retailers and brands — from high street to high fashion. It streamlines and simplify the ordeal of shopping online, so watch your wallets ladies!

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