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Her World's on Spotify and here's a playlist to #getreadywith
Specially curated by team Her World, these are the tracks to get geared up for big things in life - whether it's your big presentation at work, an important function or simply some tunes to get you motivated for the week. So hit play and follow us on Spotify
HW Beauty Review: Marc Jacobs Beauty's Accomplice Collection
It's *that* collection Nikkie de Jager used to get perfect skin in her recent YouTube video, with Snoop Dogg as her perfect accomplice
Miley Cyrus smokes weed in Amsterdam at MTV awards
Miley Cyrus is stirring up controversy again, this time lighting up a weed joint and smoking it while receiving her award at the MTV Awards 2013
1 World Music Festival cancelled due to poor ticket sales
Organiser of cancelled show 1 World Music Festival says that ticket sales were weak
BREAKING: 1 World Music Festival cancelled
Events company Retfar Entertainment issues press release announcing the cancellment of this weekend's 1 World Music Festival
Iggy Azalea to headline 1 World Music Festival
UPDATED: 1 World Music Festival has been cancelled