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12 months to go! Your essential wedding planning checklist

Don’t want to be scrambling for time a few months or weeks before the wedding? All you need is our ultimate wedding planning checklist and timeline to help you better manage your time!

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12 months to go 

Announce the great news! 

• Do so on social media with an eye-catching post. 

• Throw an engagement party if you’d like!

To the drawing board

• Make a checklist and tick off as items get done. 

• Set a wedding date, and remember to have standby dates ready.

• Key in appointment dates and times into your standard calendar app or try out a wedding-specific calendar app like LadyMarry which provides: checklist or timetable for your wedding planning, helpful tips and a countdown to your wedding date.

• Take note of peak periods for weddings in Singapore (late August to January) as venue and vendor prices may increase then, or be fully booked.

• Get recommendations from friends and family for wedding venues and wedding vendors. 

• Start attending wedding shows and scouting for locations. 

• For those planning to get married in a Catholic church, you’ll have to book at least one year in advance now.

• Take a look at local wedding directories for a list of the most popular wedding venues

Budget savvy

• Determine your wedding budget.

• We recommend apps like Fudget to help with the budget planning. 

• Discuss and decide on who’s paying for what—if your parents are contributing, let them pick what to pay for, and how much.

• Here are some budgeting tips for a wedding that won’t break the bank:

- Set aside more money if you’re intending on getting wed during peak wedding months.

- If you have slightly tighter purse strings and can’t afford to splurge too much, consider off-peak periods instead.


11 months to go 

One month down, eleven more to go. Get the wedding gears in motion by securing a wedding venue, and by looking and feeling your best. 
Beauty from the inside

• To look radiant on your big day, you may want to start a diet/exercise routine.

• Sign up for an exercise class to get in shape for your wedding.

• Know what to eat to prevent bloating on your big day.

• If you prefer to work out at home, try out apps like Nike Fitness Club that have a variety of workout plans, or these bodyweight exercises.

• Struggling to stick to your diet? Try out Lifesum, an app that lets you track your meals and plan a diet best suited to your needs.

Round up the #weddinginspo posts

• Get acquainted with wedding style terms and determine what wedding theme you’re going for.

• Familiarise yourself with the lingo so you’ll be able to better convey your ideas to your vendors later on.

• Keep track of all your wedding inspo by creating thematic Pinterest boards for dresses, table settings, flowers, etc. 

• Get inspired by Her World Brides’ articles and suggestions!

• Look at wedding planners and photographers’ portfolios online.

• Try an app like PaletteCam to check out colour combinations and palettes for your decor.

• Remember not to get too carried away! Aim to stick to one colour palette or theme to avoid confusion.

Get it confirmed

Book your wedding venue; months from late  August to January, are particularly popular so you’ll need to book early. 


10 months to go

Struggling with wedding logistics? You may want to consider getting an extra pair of hands to shoulder some of the planning.

Who’s invited?

Start assembling a guest list with your fiance and parents. 

• The list doesn't have to be finalised just yet- just work out who you and your fiance would like to invite, and whittle down the numbers as you go along. 

• If your parents are contributing to the wedding fund, it’s only fair and right to let them invite their own guests.

Need a helping hand

• If you’re especially busy with work, or just don't know where to get started, a wedding planner will take care of all the details.

• Or make sure that you have enough bridesmaids willing to aid you in your preparations.

• Some venues may have recommendations for wedding planners whom they’ve worked with previously, or their own wedding team to help you out in your preparations. Ask staff about such arrangements.

• If your wedding venue doesn't provide additional decor that suits your taste, or if you want to jazz up the decor with other props, start looking up and contacting vendors, like these Singapore wedding stylists.