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6 questions to ask yourself before choosing your wedding favours

Here's a guide to finding the (hopefully) perfect gift for your guests.

Photo: Her World Brides September 2015

Wedding favours seem like the unwanted child of all wedding-related necessities. Just ask any wedding writer who’s been doing more than a few budget stories, or a bride on a small-ish budget.

Although, if you’re big on the idea of thanking your guests with a small gift, no one’s going to stop you.

Here, the questions to ask, which will lead you to finding the perfect gift your guests will appreciate and take home after the reception.

1. How much are you willing to spend on it?

It’s really all about the price tag. And you have to be practical here. The reason why wedding favours are so commonly overlooked, is ‘cause they have the potential to go unnoticed, and wasted.

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2. What are you trying to say with it?

Do you want something practical your guests can use, something cute, something meaningful, or something that just speaks volumes of you two as a couple? Once you know what you’re hoping to achieve with these gifts, you’ll know where to begin.

3. Are these gifts practical?

Practical gifts, in my opinion, are best. Favours are meant as a thank-you to your guests for coming, and it should ideally be something they can use (because nobody needs to clear space for yet another cup with your names and wedding date printed on it). But to each his or her own. If you’ve found something you think they’ll appreciate, go right ahead.

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4. What kind of wedding do you want to have?

If you’re having a wedding indoors, anything goes. Ideas can range from s'more kits to adorable salt and pepper shakers, notebooks and so on. For outdoor weddings, you can give guests pretty fans they can use for the ceremony and after. But you may also have to give edible favours like pints of ice cream a miss. For themed weddings, it should be even easier to think of ideas. 

Here're a few examples: mini bottles with juice or cocktails with the label "Drink Me" for Alice in Wonderland weddings, tea cups for Beauty and the Beast weddings, or sachets filled with plant seeds for eco-friendly weddings.

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5. What are your guests like?

Whether you’re having a big or small wedding, you should have a rough idea of what they’ll like or dislike. Again, your favours should be something they feel they can use.

6. Are these ideas easy to recreate?

With or without the help of a planner, you’ve probably got 1,001 things on your to-do list. Your favour should be something that’s easy to recreate or purchase, especially if you’ve got a big wedding, and have to have something for all 300 guests.

Some favour ideas you can consider: a recipe book filled with the couple’s favourite dishes (‘cause they’re big foodies and cook often), boxes of donuts, little jars of jam, honey, or ketchup, mini cakes that resemble the actual wedding cake (but that’ll cost beaucoup bucks), mini potted cacti, ornate fans, and tea strainers.

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